10 accessories Nintendo should add to the Wii

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The Nintendo Wii is an insanely popular gaming console, but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Here are 10 bits of kit Nintendo could add to the Wii console to make it even more versatile – ranging from the fairly sensible to the downright weird.


1. Bluetooth Headset

OK, so this one is pretty sensible, and you’d think would be fairly easy for Nintendo to create and market.

I know there’s the Wii Speak, but perhaps you’d like to have a more private conversation with someone about subjects more personal than Animal Crossing.


2. WiiPhone

A few years ago we didn’t think Apple would venture into the mobile phone market, but it happened.

Nintendo has denied that it will ever get into telephony, but it wouldn’t be hard to hook up a telephone interface to the Wii and use the controller to dial your numbers.

After all, it’s likely that not everyone you want to talk to has a Wii, and it’s just so much effort to pick up the real phone when you’re constantly attached to the Wii.


3. HD Wii

It’s the high definition chestnut again. I know it’s all about the playability and that predominantly casual gamers are supposed not to care about HDTV (they probably don’t even “get it”, right?) but – seriously – who still connects a games console to their TV via SCART?

Let’s get HD rolled out on the Wii. At least stick a Blu-ray drive in the console, or failing that a proper DVD player and some nifty upscaling algorithms.


4. Breath controller

Guitar Hero and Rock Band 2 are great, but where’s the support for budding virtual wind instrument players?

Right, there isn’t any.

Add a breath controller (which can interface with a range of additional instrument hardware) and you open up the possibility of “Flute Hero” or “Wind Band 2”. Who doesn’t want to play the solo from “Baker Street” or have a secret fantasy to emulate Kenny G?

Plus, it makes a great bacterial breeding ground, particularly if you share it. Nice.


5. Wii Walking Piano

Forget dance mats — they’re very boring. Instead, Nintendo should make (or license) a Walking Piano a la “Big

Buy one of these, get three of your mates around, and you have the perfect way to annoy your downstairs neighbours.


6. Wii Twister

Does Twister need reviving? Nintendo could do so by creating a special mat for the Wii.

All the fun of the original “sex in a box” game but with 21st century interactivity. The mind boggles — oh no, hang on, that’s a different game.


7. Wii La-Z-Boy

For those who know that you don’t have to dash around looking silly and running out of breath to play a lot of the Wii Games, the Wii La-Z-Boy would have space for the controller, and no doubt capacity for beer and snacks.


8. Wii Wok

Return to the joys of home economics / food technology lessons by hooking up the Wii to a wok and learning to cook. The Wok’s handle would be specially moulded so as to hold the Wii controller. Ken Hom eat your heart out (actually, Nintendo should probably created a Ken Hom Mii to do the tutorials).


9. Wii treadmill

Wii Fit and the balance board are great, but how about hooking the Wii up to something really big like an exercise treadmill? I’m sure you could do yourself all sorts of injuries if you then tried to combine it with other Wii games.


10. Wii Pet Collar

Why should humans have all the Wii fun? The Wii Pet Collar would allow your dog or cat to join in the action.

Admittedly it might take a little while to train them up on the games, but maybe you can just leave them to talk to your mates’ pets over Wii Speak.

What would you add to the Wii?

Andy Merrett
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