Panasonic HD Everything BD recorders – DMR-XS350, DMR-BS850 & DMR-BS750


Panasonic-HD-Everything.jpgPanasonic has announced their high-definition recording, Blu-ray solution pretty much summed up by their title of Panasonic HD Everything.

The DMR-XS350 High-Definition/DVD recorder, and the DMR-BS850 and DMR-BS750 Blu-ray disc recorders will all have Freesat+ decoders built in such that, so long as you’ve got a dish and a decent telly, you’re all set up to watch HD programming at no extra cost.

All the units feature a H.264 encoder to compress all the video files onto HDD and BD, which’ll mean you can save buckets of space, and they also feature DTS-Master Audio Essential and Dolby TruHD for an equally good surround sound production.

They’ve all got twin tuners so that you can record two programs at any one time, you can upoad images and video files directly for HDD storage, you can burn audio CDs and generally pretty much brush your teeth with them.

No word on availability and price but expect the two answer to be “soon” and “really expensive”.

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