Home Office website in porn link shocker!!!


no-porn.jpgA page on the Home Office website has been linking to a porn site for an unknown length of time. The page was from the Office for Security and Counter Terrorism and the link involved was supposed to direct all clickers to a body called the Technical Advisory Board where you might normally be able to find information about new rules in regulations. In this case however, it redirected people to some Japanese pornography.

It’s unclear how long the link was there or the kind of sexual acts on display on the other side but, according to a spokesperson from the Home Office, the link had originally been to a perfectly safe healthy part of the internet until the business on the other end became defunct and was replaced by pornographers. Of course, it may have just been that this business found another more viable model of survival in the current economic quicksand and wanted some solid traffic.

The Home Office will be investigating the matter. I shall be applying for a position on the task force.

(via BBC)

Daniel Sung
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