Gadget Show Live 2009: Gocycle's electric bike

Gadget Show Live 2009

Gocycle_LeftSide.jpgMost electric bikes not only look ugly with their bulky battery packs they also weigh a ton. The Gocycle, unveiled at Gadget Show Live, is the first one I’ve seen which looks like something I wouldn’t be ashamed to sit on and store in my home. Finished in white, it is both light and compact tipping the scales at 16.5Kg with battery.

The Gocyle takes around 3.5 hours to charge giving you between 8 miles (if you’re cycling up hill) and 20 miles of pedal-free cycling. Alternatively if you run out of juice you can use the gears – there are three in total. Top speed is 15 miles per hour in the UK (the max speed you can go without a licence) and 18 miles per hour in the US.

Other neat features include a handlebar that can be moved backward and forward to suit your riding position and a built in lock (it’s also possible to remove the tyres for security purposes). Additional accessories include a soft carrying case (the bike folds up very neatly) and a much harder carrying case, suitable for taking on planes.

Made out of lightweight magnesium alloy, this beautiful electric bike isn’t cheap at £795 but it’s perfect for the urban commuter. My only criticism is that it doesn’t look that robust for off-roading and the battery doesn’t last particularly long, especially if you are going up hill.


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