eBay nutcase of the week: Turbonegro bass player's hair


hair.JPGI have two important pieces of news for fans of Norwegian punk band Turbonegro. First bassist Thomas Seltzer, aka Happy-Tom, has cut off his hair, and second, he’s put in on eBay.

It’s a pretty healthy, if grey mottled, looking mop and the description is that it’s fresh from the scalp. The bidding’s currently reached $190 but you’ll be pleased to hear that the item is protected against loss or damage up to $100 of that.

And, just in case you were wondering if it really does belong to Tom, there are a number of photos on the auction site featuring both Mr Seltzer and his former thatch. All Turbonegro fans still conscious have 4 days 3 hours to react.

(via CMUdaily)

Daniel Sung
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