T-Mobile offers push e-mail to all for £3.50

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push_email.jpgA friend of mine was just complaining about their G1 being fantastic apart from having no push e-mail service, but it seems as if T-Mobile has answered her prayers today. The UK part of their network has released such a deal for all handsets – eventually – for the price of just £3.50, and they won’t even mind how big your attachments are either. To hell with the fair usage policy, they say. Well, that wasn’t their words but I’m saying it for them.

The service allows you up to five whole mailboxes each with their own calendars and address books and such, and all of it to whatever T-Mobile phone you happen to have – so long as it’s a Nokia. They haven’t quite got round to getting “Instant Mail” on all phones just yet but they promise to be working on it.

You get a free one-month trial to get you hooked before you realise it’s something that 3 already offers for a pound less.

(via ShinyShiny)

Daniel Sung
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