Sanwa throat microphone – for picking up good vibrations, and probably bad ones too

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throat-mic.jpg“Mmm, they’re coming right at us,” are the words that spring to mind when I look at the commercially available Sanwa throat microphone but, no, this isn’t a tool limited to those with voice box issues.

Throat mics neutralise the problems of having to be heard in a noisy environment as they take their audio cues from the vibrations of your neck rather than amplifying the sound that comes out of your mouth where it would have to compete with car horns, drills, police sirens and such to be heard on the other end.

They’re already used in the military because killing people just isn’t killing people unless you’re doing it with the best kit but this is one of the first times we’ve seen the tech offered to consumers. No word on cost just yet but I wouldn’t worry about it for 12 months or so. Sanwa are only doing throat mic business in Japan just now. Right, that’s it. I’m moving.

Sanwa (via Akihabara News)

Daniel Sung
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