GALLERY: The Tech Digest take on the characters of Street Fighter IV

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Word has it that Halo Wars has just knocked Street Fighter IV off the number one spot on Xbox 360 charts but, just before it disappears into the ether, I thought I’d whip up a little nostalgia for those who haven’t got round to playing the new version of the most successful fighting game ever.

I can’t tell you much about the new boys Abel, Crimson Viper, Rufus, El Fuente and whoever else Capcom has got waiting in the wings but, after years of pumping pennies at the arcade and sitting around in front of a games console, I can give you a little refresher on what the others are all about.

Click Ken to start the tour of how I reckon their profiles should read. Enjoy.

Daniel Sung
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  • Blanka is absolutely a stereotype. The Brazilian jungles turned him into a monstrous savage. He used to be a regular human, come on. Blanka is a 9/10.

  • WTF!!!!! ….. if only I wouldn’t have eyes….I’d never have to see this horrible thing….please god…heal my wounded soul TT_TT

  • Really? Ken does a fireball? (He doesn’t, he does a Chi blast also known as a Hadoken. Ryu has a “fire” chi blast also known as the Heihadoekn) I assume you have played SF4 else you wouldn’t be writing this. I could take all of your judgments of the characters in good fun but I doubt you meant it that way if so then I apologize for what I am about to write.
    Your critics and poor outlines of the characters and who you assume mainly play them seem to only be an attempt and attacking the game and it’s fans. Which is very sad, because there can be many reason but only two that I feel would bring you to this.

    #1. You suck at the game, and as I said thats sad because nobody really sucks at street fighter unless they suck at all fighting games in which case they shouldn’t be playing street fighting they should be playing Halo or maybe waiting patiently for Starcraft 2… as the rest of us are.

    #2. You feel like taking on the ever impressive Capcom corp from your internet site… Bad move they eat people. Thats a true statement.

    Whatever the reason true SF fans know that this is a cheap definition of a great game at best. At worst, it’s a sad little boys cry for help.

    P.S. Mid Punch, Mid Punch, Back, Mid Kick, High Punch.
    Thats Akumas Ultra Combo… there is your help stop complaining already.

  • Well sorry, but this Chun Li is really damn ugly! The dress is terrible, the “Model” is fat and the hair looks awful! Ouch to my eye!
    Sorry, but Chun Li is “Spring Beauty”, but this is “Night Ugly”! The face! OMFG look at the face! Is Chun Li looking that Miss-Piggy-ugly? And the pose of the “Model” at the right; like a pressed sausage XD Okay, Chun Li got strong arms, but her arms are muscled, not fat! OMG – this “Model” really thinks she is beautiful? She thinks she looks like Chun Li? What a hurt for my poor eyes! D,: Chun Li doesn’t deserve that!

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