iPhone to be free on two year tariffs

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Is your phone contract coming to an end? Do you fancy an iPhone 3G? Well, if you can wait until 3rd April, you will be able to get this apparently-quite-popular handset free on o2’s two year contracts.

Of course it’s a pretty bloody cheeky definition of free when you get onto the specifics. It’s a two year contract, and will set you back £34.26 per month for the 8gb version and £44.05 for the double capacity 16gb variety. So you’re still talking a grand total of £822.24 or £1057.02 for two years of iPhoney goodness.

Then there’s the consideration that this price drop could be an attempt to clear stock ahead of the next iteration of iPhone. And if you’re reading this, the chances are you’re going to be pretty miffed if you’re left with last year’s model when your friends have the new one – no matter how much you’re saving.

Alan Martin

(via Pocket Gamer)

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