Diotek launches handwriting recognition Android app

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I’ve been having a play with the G1 over the last week and it’s not the look of the thing that gets to me as the slightly too small slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Mercifully, Korean company Diotek is here to save the day for those fat fingered among us. They’ve invented the first Android handwriting recognition application and the good news is that it recognises both Korean and English.

There’s no stylus with the G1 so the amusing part is that it is quite literally handwriting that the app deciphers – or finger writing, at least.

My other experience of the G1, or Android anyway, is that the Marketplace is impossibly hard to navigate. There doesn’t appear to be any kind of app search function. As a result I can only assume that the Diotek app is available but, if it isn’t, I’m sure it will be soon.

(via Akihabara News)

Daniel Sung
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  • MobileWrite is a $4.99 program that does just what this post describes. I already tried it out and purchased it (in the short time since I posted last). Not exactly like the graffiti on Palm, but close enough that my arthritic hands can manage. It may even be better for me to drag a finger than to try to hold a stylus.

  • Many months later and still no sign of this application. Hopefully someone else has developed it by now. Off to search…

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