UK named 10th most techie country in the world

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geek.jpgThe International Telecommunications Union has released figures from their survey of 154 countries that name the United Kingdom as the 10th most technologically advanced country in the world.

The study, which takes into account variables like access to technology, households with a computer, literacy levels and the prices of telecommunication services ranked us ahead of the States, Germany, China and behind the likes of Sweden, Denmark and Korea. In fact, if you step this way, I’ll show you the full top 10…

From my point of view it seems a little biased towards mobile phones and telephony services, funnily enough. How about taking into account, the number of people with HD TVs or the number of Twitter accounts or music downloads or something. As it goes, it may not turn out that different for us but I suspect the AV obsessed Germany might rank a little higher.

  1. Sweden
  2. South Korea
  3. Denmark
  4. Holland
  5. Iceland
  6. Norway
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Switzerland
  9. Finland
  10. You, me and everyone we know

Apparently, it was the cost of telecommunications and data services that let us down, where we ranked 14th. So, I’d like to say in my best football voice: “Are you watching Ofcom? Are you watching Ofcom?”

(via ITPP)

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