Blue OLED efficiency up 25%

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OLED technology may be about to take a massive leap forwards, which is good news for anyone looking to the screens becoming more widely used. The blue OLED has always been the weak link in the screens, offering significantly shorter lifespans than its red and green brethren. Well, a team from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is one step closer to cracking the problem by improving blue efficiency by an impressive 25%.

The breakthrough was made via new host materials for a blue phosphorescent OLED. Other than the alleged 25% improvement in efficiency, there’s not a lot more to tell at this point however, and we’ll have to play the waiting game. The PNNL scientists are rumoured to be discussing their findings ahead of meeting the American Chemical society later this spring, so hopefully we’ll have more to tell then.

A breakthrough of this scale is great news for the technology, but we’ll just have to wait and see how expensive it is. Anything that pushes OLED prices up further would be pretty bad news for a technology that has been a stranger to affordable pricing to date.

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