The smartshoe, shoephone, mobileshoe – it's a phone in your shoe, ok?

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Here’s something I doubt you’ll see at MWC and probably for a very good reason. There’s not many people who enjoy dropping their phone on the floor ,so any footwear company would be hard pressed to sell the idea of walking on it for several miles a day.

However, a chap by the names of mikeyberman has put together a guide on Instructables of how to make the perfect device for getting your phone into places you shouldn’t – places without metal detectors presumably.

The fairly straight forward guide involves the use of simple tools such as a kitchen knife and strong glue, and features easy to follow steps like Opening the shoe, Making a hole in the shoe and, yes, Putting the phone in the shoe. Clever stuff.

Is anyone going to do it? Unlikely. Would it work? Probably not; but does it still really tickle me? Absolutely. Nice work, Mikey.

(via Hack a Day)

Daniel Sung
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  • It would pay when making posts like these to fully read the article which you are posting about and give credit where credit is due. This ‘instructable’ was based on the original design of Dr. Paul Gardener-Stephens and should be credited as such.

    The original footprint of this shoe phone is available from

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