Soundshelf: taking the term "bookshelf speakers" very literally indeed

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Come on, hands up who wants a Soundshelf? Yes, me too. I’ll take eight. They’re only a concept for now, or a prototype anyway, but I have a feeling this is one of those inventions that will be seeing the light of day.

Polish designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz, apart from having names that look like anagrams, have taken a look at modern day speakers and said: “You greedy pigs.” After all, why should an object in one’s home be dedicated to a single function if it doesn’t have to be?

Audiophiles the world over will currently being seeking out my address to send on to a hitmen but to the casual consumer with a relatively small, squished living space, multi-functionalism is clearly the way to go as far as furniture is concerned. Cue an influx of sofa TVs, coffee table hair dryers and armchair toilets.

With any luck the Soundshelf will be a creature with no wires and be adorning my walls within the year. Fingers crossed.

(via Technobob)

Daniel Sung
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