Samsung announces the IT100, PL50, PL65 and ES15 affordable compact cameras


Samsung has announced the release of some medium to low spec compact cameras to ignite the world of digital photography today. I’m not really selling it, am I? No, that’s because these cameras are really only of interest if you happen to be in the market for something distinctly average to unimpressive. If, however, that describes your digital imaging needs, then you’re in luck.

Samsung IT100

First up on this list of trail trudgers is the IT100. Good things to note about this model, as pictured above, include a 28mm lens for wide shots, an HD movie mode and a slightly unnecessary 12-megapixel sensor.

Bad things to note are measly 5x optical zoom and the fact that they haven’t told us what kind of HD recording it does, so one can only assume a non-full 720p.

Other than that little bundle of excitement, the best you’re going to get for your £229 is a few of the usual features in the shape of face detection, blink detection, a bunch of intelligent scene modes, image stabilisation and a frame guide.

If it weren’t for the 3-inch LCD, I’d say leave it alone but, actually, it’s pretty good value considering. Not my bag but I see where it’s coming from. That one’s out in April.

PL50 & PL65


The next two on the menu come in pairs, like all good things, and they go by the names of the Samsung PL50 and PL65. For the record, I probably wouldn’t buy these either.

If you do, or someone buys them for you, you can always defend the gift/ease your cognitive dissonance with the following features:

  • the 12-megixel sensors
  • the intelligent scene selector (11 scenes total)
  • Face detection
  • Smile detection
  • Money Beauty shot
  • Blink detection

You might also want to pull the frame mode card which allows you to take a ghost image of a shot for you to them hop into with your holiday buddies while you ask someone to take a picture of you. They then line it up according to the ghost image and manage not to cut off your heads – unless you happen to have asked me.

Because there’s no HD video mode, the PL50 will cost you just £119 and the P65 will be £179. The reason for the difference between those two is that you get image stabilisation and a decent 3200 ISO limit on the more expensive one. It may seem a lot but I’d say it was well worth it. You’ll get much better results with the PL65.

They come in all sorts of blacks, pinks, silvers and greys from March and would make a good first camera for someone interested in getting something better than whatever’s on their phone.

Samsung ES15

Last of all is the slightly comical £79 Samsung ES15 which looks like it squirts water. Rumour has it it’s actually a working camera with a 3x zoom lens, 10-megapixel sensor, image stabilisation and face detection.

You can’t really argue with it for value for money but expect a dirty look if I see one in your hand. It’s out in white, pink, black and silver in April.

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