Pioneer's DEH-P4100SD – a car stereo with an SD card slot to aid choice and/or piracy

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pioneer-deh-p4100sd-car-stereo.jpgPioneer’s just revealed its latest in-car entertainment solution for the businessman trapped in a snow drift with no mobile signal or radio reception – the DEH-P4100SD.

The big selling point of the P4100 is its SD Card slot, allowing you to do away with the middle man (DJ, CD writer, iPod, cable) and load up your MP3 collection to a cheapo SD Card and whack it straight into your car via the slot hidden behind the removable faceplate.

Pioneer’s “rotary commander” dial-slash-joystick lets you navigate through tunes while still managing to pay some attention to the road, while there’s also full support for iPod playlists if you’re the sort of person who likes to spend your spare time painstakingly sorting all your music into very tightly-organised groups…

The P4100 also has a USB2.0 cable connector, letting it read music from any MP3 player you have that uses standard USB format, plus there’s support for that old whirly silver “compact disc” hardware music format if you’re still living in the 1980s and haven’t got around to ripping all your old Yazz CDs to digital format.

We’d presume it also works as a radio for picking up emergency weather broadcasts from the government. The DEH-P4100SD will be out this month. This month is February of 2009, if you’re not reading this “live.”

(Via Pioneer UK)

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