MWC 2009: Nokia unboxes the E55 and E75 – two new QWERTY mobiles for business people

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Nokia-E55_white_01_lowres.jpgThe big selling point about the E55 and E75 is, according to Nokia, that both phones come pre-installed with the company’s new email front end and Nokia Messaging. Both applications allow business people to do business better and quicker.

That deal will be clinched, thanks to the efficient E75!

Nokia tells us the E75 is an upgrade of the (spirit of the) famed Nokia 9300 Communicator, keeping its slide-out QWERTY keyboard and focus on email and messaging. The new email client supports HTML mails, better sorting options and expandable views, as if the lack of that has previously been a deal-breaker.

The E55 is, confusingly, an update of the not-particularly-proud E71 line, with Nokia continuing to make a token effort to compete in the Blackberry universe by providing a mini QWERTY keyboard on the base of the handset.

Both mobiles come with Nokia Maps and assisted GPS, with a three-month free trial of turn-by-turn GPS navigation for helping you get to that important business meeting. The E55 will be out in March. The E75 has a more vague “second quarter” release window.

That photo up there is the E55, by the way. If you want to see the dull face of the E75, click here.

(Via Nokia)

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