MPs call for regulations for Twitter over child safety concerns

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fail-whale.pngWell, perhaps that standfirst is a little over-dramatic but, just as the original incarnations of Napster and YouTube were utterly ruined, the same might be about to happen to Twitter. The internet police are coming.

A piece in the NMA has filled me with a sense of dread as they brought to light escort services, cannabis seed sellers and the general amount of readily available porn that’s available via Twitter. I’m not sure on the exact legality of these kinds of things but the point is that none of them are what you’d call child friendly.

So, MPs, CEOs and other such people with large, capped up letters are calling for Twitter to do some self-regulating, like asking people how old they are when they sign up would be a start.

I suppose these kinds of concerns are inevitable and it’s just that, as an adult and a fan of sex, drugs, porn and an open internet, I find it rather frustrating whenever rules and regs start getting involved.

The other thing is that I hate it when you can see the end of something good. It always happens but that’s the nature of life. Nothing lasts forever. The guys behind Twitter want to make some money out of the thing eventually and that’ll mean all sorts of changes I don’t like ultimately anyway, I suppose. I’ve just got to get used to it really.

So, what do you guys reckon? Beginning of the end? Sensible move? Comment me till I fart.

Daniel Sung
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One thought on “MPs call for regulations for Twitter over child safety concerns

  • I think when a website has its own special supplements in papers like The Telegraph then it’s probably time for the cool kids to move on (CEOs are obviously still finding their way there after just getting their heads around Facebook). But this is a separate issue. As an adult I also share some of your interests Dan, but as a parent I am kind of worried that Twitter, which has become a pretty powerful medium, doesn’t have any age restriction on it when you have to be 13 to access other social networking sites (and I know strictly speaking it’s a microblogging platform but Twitter does have strong social networking elements). I do think this is kind of irresponsible though I’m sure Twitter will respond quickly.

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