iTunes UK gets a high definition boost: new TV shows arrive

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iTunes stores outside the US have always lagged behind when it comes to new features, but Apple has gradually been adding new video content to the UK store.

Last week’s moderately big news was that high definition episodes of Lost series 5 have made it into the iTunes store. Now, eagle-eyed fans have discovered a range of other titles that have “suddenly hit” the store.

You’ll have to forgive me if I can’t name exactly which titles are new because I don’t pay a huge amount of attention to new HD releases on iTunes, and Apple doesn’t appear to have made any official announcement yet (it will probably appear in the general iTunes update email in the next few days).

It’s hard to tell exactly which titles are new because Apple simply lists the release date. Given that we’re so far behind the US store, we’re now getting HD versions of (for example) Monk Season 5 (July 2006) and Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 (September 2006).

Is it worth it? Well, it comes down to your own personal preferences. Are you more into downloads or discs? Do you only want to get the format that saves you the most money?

If you’ve already got a Blu-ray player, it’s worth checking out the prices of discs. For example, you can currently get the complete Planet Earth series on Blu-ray for the same price as the download of series one, and of course on disc you’re getting much higher quality – important if you’re going to be watching on a large HD screen.

You might also want to consider the possibility that your downloads are unplayable, depending on what equipment you have, and the fact that it’s much harder to take a copy-protected download with you on the move than a disc.

It’s good to see more content, both imported and home-grown, becoming available on iTunes, but it’s certainly not the only option.

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