Eclipse shows off TD712zMK2 high-end speakers

Home audio

eclipse-td712zmk2-speakers.jpgEclipse has shown off a second version of its TD712z speakers, conveniently titled TD712zMK2. There are a heap of specifications that will boggle the mind, but the highlights are that these steel, zinc, aluminium and composite constructed speakers feature a highly advanced single 12cm Time Domain drive unit, a redesigned damping system, more powerful motor system and ultra-efficient high-power magnet structure.

The aim is a pure, powerful sound — and at £5,000 a pair and with each speaker weighing in at 25kg you’d expect some serious audio goodness.

The speakers are egg-shaped because research has shown that this most effectively eliminates vibrations that distort the sound.

You’ll no doubt be wanting some pretty powerful home audio equipment to hook these babies up to. Should the stereo pair not be enough for you, Eclipse is planning to release home cinema versions soon. I’m not even going to guess how much they’ll cost.

Andy Merrett
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