Marantz go "budget" with the CR502 CD/Tuner mini system

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Most products from Marantz usually get me nodding with approval and their CR502 CD/Tuner mini-system has already got my neck muscles twitching.

First up, it looks great and, if you’re after something compact that’ll fit into the right kind of space in your luxury pad, then aesthetic concerns are probably fairly high up your list. It’s got a nice sleek aluminium chassis and all the cables are carefully tucked in around the back.

Tick. So what about the insides?

You’re looking at two stereo amps with 2 x 25W power each for a potential total of 100W if you’re going to start adding on an extra pair of speakers, plus the tempting optional extra provided by a subwoofer-out.

The CR502 will play all CDs, including MP3 and WMA files from data discs, and there’s a USB port if you want to run straight from your computer of flash drive. The tuner is of the DAB/FM and AM variety, so no trouble picking up all obscure sports coverage – assuming you don’t already have it all sorted with internet radio anyway.

Mercifully, there is no iPod dock included but you can plug one into the back if you really must.

It’s out next month for £499.90 and it looks like the kind of purchase you’d find it hard to regret, even in these troubled times.


Daniel Sung
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