Sci-fi world devastated – Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban pass away

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Patrick McGoohan, made famous by his role in bewildering 60s sci-fi escapology show The Prisoner, died on Tuesday, aged 80.

He was great in Danger Man, made his name in The Prisoner, then continued to deliver entertainment beyond the call of duty by directing and starring in numerous episodes of Columbo between the 1970s and his last directorial appearance in 2000.

Every Saturday we scan the satellite TV listings hoping a McGoohan-based episode of the shambling cop show will be on. And you can never go wrong watching him in Scanners. It is terribly sad news. He really didn’t make enough films and TV shows considering his mesmerising acting skills.

Also, Ricardo Montalban, best known to the likes of us as “KHHHHHAAAANNNNN!” from the original Star Trek and the (best by miles) Trek movie Wrath of Khan, died yesterday. He was 88. Americans will know him for starring in six years worth of Fantasy Island, but we will forever remember him as the outclassed warrior only capable of thinking in two dimensions compared to Kirk’s superior three.

We’ll be downloading Wrath of Khan in the highest-possible resolution to watch out of respect for the great man.

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  • Yes another great 60s hero dies. It is sad. I think The Prisoner was a classic, quite unlike anything before or since. His acting really made it as did the setting and the strong ideas behind it. Quite chilling I think.

    • The last episode wound me up but there were some absolute classics like “Many Happy Returns” that really captured the whole imprisoning of the viewer. I don’t suppose there could have been an ending to match so much build up and frustration.

      Good on you Patrick. RIP.

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