Dr Cool Bag – the hangover cure for your pounding head


What more appropriate gadget could there possibly be on 1st January than one for a hangover cure? This is Dr Cool Bag. Dr Cool Bag is a pack of blue gel shaped like a hospital IV bag that you keep in the freezer and break out in emergencies.

The emergency will usually be feeling like there’s a team of synchronised Cossack dancers kicking about in your head after a heavy night on the sauce and needing to numb your hot aching hurty parts until all pain dissipates. If you need a second opinion, I’d recommend its medical colleague, Dr Hot Bag, just in case your tootsies are getting cold.

It’s probably all too late by now but you can pick them up for about a tenner each. Happy new year and get well soon.

Dr Cool Bag

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Daniel Sung
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