20-unit Klipsch RF-62 home cinema speaker system touches down this side of the Pond

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Probably not a Christmas present but perhaps a treat for yourself after you’ve liquidated all the rubbish everyone else got you on eBay is the range of home cinema/hi-fi speakers from American non-Dutch audio specialist Klipsch.

The RF-62 sytsem is an “entry level” product as far as enthusiasts are concerned featuring several permutations and combinations of speaker choice to tailor-make yourself a 5.1 surround set up ranging from around £900-£2000 depending upon how flush you’re feeling.

The bright gold cones are a little gaudy as far as aesthetics go but, all the same, smack of a quality you’d expect from this company. “Cerametallic” is the buzz word tech which describes the anodised aluminium from which the woofers are made.

They ensure there’s no denting should your cleaner bang the hoover into them and, more importantly, that the cones don’t flex and bend out of shape at higher amplitudes.There’s also plenty titanium used to make the drivers which adds a reassuringly expensive touch.

In all, there’s 20 units in the set. The only difficulty is choosing the right six for you.


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Daniel Sung
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  • now i can see my neighbour shouting on me to reduce the volume,do they have something like this for my car

    • Sadly not, LG, but bit of home metal work and some good duct tape could do the trick with this set up.

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