No solder hack for the Asus Eee PCs 700 & 701

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If you didn’t get the new netbook you wanted for Christmas then listen up because all is far from lost. There’s a lot of Eee PC hacks out there but how about one that will turn an old 700 or 701 into a regular Bluetooth toting, memory and storage-expanded touchscreen lean machine, and all without a single drop of solder?

An excellent chap by the name of Luke has put a fantastic guide together on Instrucatbles, that mostly involves double sided tape and a post-Christmas afternoon of fun, and is the kind of hack that I’d feel happy doing myself. It all comes down to the fact these two early Asus models have empty internal USB ports which are usually filled by the webcam.

If you’ve never really hacked hardware, it’s probably a good one to start with. Good luck, have fun and don’t worry if the whole thing ends up in the bin. It’s the journey that makes you a hacker.

(via Hack a Day)

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