Apple giving away music and downloads during the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas

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Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas campaign is eating away at 2008’s profitability figures by giving away one free iTunes download a day between December 26 and January 6th.

The songs and TV shows, some of which may be by people you’ve even heard of and are interested in, will pop up on the site each day, along with some interesting facts about the material in question which may come in handy if you’re planning on attending a Christmas pub quiz.

You don’t get a choice. Today’s is ‘Video EP’ by Jason Mraz.


The idea is no doubt meant to promote edgy new artists you otherwise wouldn’t bother listening to on the radio for free let alone paying money to buy the songs of, but I haven’t got iTunes on my PC and don’t really like new music, so I can’t tell you if Jason here’s any good or not.

Apple says Jason has been nominated for a Grammy, but I’ll stick with my illegal download of James Brown’s ‘Funky Christmas’, thanks.

(Via Apple)

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