The Lili Lite – total genius bedside lights for bookworms

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You don’t really need me to explain this to you and, in fact, if you didn’t draw breath the moment you saw these bookshelf-come-bedside lights then I suggest you move on to another post on the page.

These are the Lili Lites and they are not a concept. They are available to buy and buy now. They cost 99.00€ each plus postage – ouch – but they are both beautiful and ingenious.

When your half-read book lies open above the light, the LED stays off. When you remove your the novel, the light goes on and you can read/not sleep. Now, if they had somewhere you could rest your glass of water and alarm clock we could do away with those space-thieving bedside tables altogether.

Lili Lite (via Coolest Gadgets)

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