Xbox Experience touches down today. Download it. Go on.


xbox-experience.jpgIt’s been a rather long, drawn-out release for what is nothing altogether ground-breaking in gaming terms about the the new Xbox Experience, but it has arrived to a collection of circuit boards encased in white plastic under a TV near you.

All you have to do it switch your 360 on and head over to Xbox Live and you’ll be prompted to download it. (You’ll need a hard drive model or a 512MB mem card, so don’t forget that either). If you’d like to track the momentous ocassion through 2008 then head over to Xboxer where Gary Cutlack of Gary Cutlack fame will take you on a trip down short term memory lane.

If you haven’t been following the press or are rather new to this Xbox 360 thing that what you may not appreciate is that, until today, avatars were a foreign thing to Microsoft and the Marketplace didn’t look as good. All pretty sensible stuff.

The only part about this all that I find strange is that they didn’t call it Xbox Xperience. Marketing opportunity missed or are Microscoft not cretins after all?

(via Xboxer)

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  • What about wii games? I don,t have xbox and don’t know how to play but this christmas I am planning to buy mario kart and wii sword for my wii.

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