Whoever owns the Commodore brand is getting in on the Netbook scene, with the UMMD 8010/F

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commodore-UMMD-8010F-netbook.jpgHonestly, my dad’s got a Netbook coming out this Autumn. He’s pitching it against my mum’s, which is simply a lower-spec version of the one my sister put out last year.

The point is, everyone’s releasing bloody mega-portable Eee PC-alikes these days – even companies we all thought had long since stopped existing. Like Commodore here, with its all-new UMMD 8010/F, a netbook featuring pretty much what we’ve come to expect from one of these new wave mini laptops. Brace yourselves, the technical specifications paragraph is coming up next…

The UMMD 8010/F has a 1.6GHz Via C7-M processor, an 80GB old school rotating mechanical hard drive, 1GB of RAM, 802.11b/g wi-fi and a 10″ display. It has been precisely engineered to be exactly what we would expect.

We’re not sure who is actually putting this out, mind – this lot that operates under the Commodore name doesn’t seem to be responsible. If you currently own a license to manufacture Commodore-branded products, please leave a comment. We’d like to keep on top of who’s doing what.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • TTBOMK, the rights to the Commodore brand were bought by Tulip Computers NV, now called Nedfield NV, from The Netherlands in 2003. They sold the brand to Commodore International Corporation (CIC) in 2004.

    • Thanks, Andre. The Commodore ownership jigsaw is one step nearer completion. We have at least sorted out the edges and corners from the rest.

  • Ummm… UMMD 8010/F? Is that supposed to be a catchy name, like the Commodore 64? If this thing doesn’t have a boot-up C-64 mode, then I think I’ll just stick with my original portable SX-64!

    • Who knows? Hopefully the bloke who bought the rights to the Commodore brand off some guy in a pub for £10 will pop up soon, and leave an explanation about what’s going on.

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