Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 on the shelves in October

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In a day of earlier than expected releases, Sony has done little to let us down by announcing that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has been brought forward a month and will be on sale in Germany, the UK and the US as of beginning of October. Eat that.

The news comes straight from the horse’s mouth with the old nag in this case being a Sony Ericsson spokesman backed up by info from the X1’s online retailer, Expansys.

Apparently, the handset is still not quite up to scratch with the video playback short of the promised 30fps although I must say 25fps would be fine by me. The other issue has been getting Windows Mobile 6.1 successfully running and it’s a shame that they’ve managed to get over that hurdle rather than try another OS that’s actually, you know, good.

The expected price is £590 for the handset alone and if it weren’t for the irritation of Windows Mobile, I’d be chomping at the bit to get hold of one. As it is, I wait and watch with a raised eyebrow of interest and secret fingers itching to have a little play on that slide-out QWERTY and 3″ WVGA touchscreen.

(via Register Hardware)

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