FBI raid Sarah Palin's e-mail hacker's college dorm – reports say room was "very untidy"


180px-Palin1.JPGIt turns out that America’s creationist-in-chief, the pro-hunting, anti-abortion, pregnant-teenage-daughter-spawning Republican vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has about as many internet security credentials as she has foreign policy credentials. David Kernell, the son of a Tennessee state senator from the Republican’s rival Democratic party has got into some hot-water over allegedly breaking into Sarah Palin’s e-mails. And as a consequence, has had his college dorm raided by the FBI. As apparently they frown upon hacking into the e-mail of vice-Presidential candidates.

Apparently the “hacker” – whoever it was – didn’t do anything that you’d expect a “|33t h4x0r” to do. All they did was go through the password reset process on Palin’s [email protected] e-mail address, needing her birthdate and zipcode, and the place where she met her husband – the first two being easily available, and the third presumably revealed in a fluffy biography released by the campaign to humanise her. The hacker then did the next logical thing, and posted screenshots and details on the internet’s mostly high-concentrated patch of weirdos, 4Chan.

Though there was “nothing incriminating” in there, in the words of the hacker, I’m not sure what dirt on her could be better than what’s already known about her: she’s embroiled in a scandal over getting her ex-brother in law sacked, she’s in the pockets of the oil companies, took billions of dollars of federal taxpayers money for a “bridge to nowhere” that never got built and apparently used to support the Alaska Independence Party.

For the hacker though, it looks as though they’ll be charged with a “misdemeanor” – presumably if there were actually any hacking involved it’d be something more severe.

(via Wired)

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James O’Malley
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  • The Vice President has exactly two responsibilities: 1. Preside over the Senate 2. Cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.
    Governor Palin is more than qualified and then this proponent of creationism,famous moose hunter, supporter of babies, grandma-to-be will have eight years before she takes over the Presidency! So start crying your big tears now!

  • How about mentioning that the hacker is the son of a Democratic legislator?

    “America’s creationist-in-chief, the pro-hunting, anti-abortion, pregnant-teenage-daughter-spawning Republican vice-Presidential candidate” – nothing more than mean spirited rhetoric.

    Obama appears to be the media darling while Sarah Palin has so much hatred directed at her by the media and the liberal left (Hollywood included), and noting what certain elements/sectors of the foreign press write about her, makes me think that the McCain/Palin ticket is the right choice for our country.

    • I did mention he’s the son of a Tennessee senator.

      “”America’s creationist-in-chief, the pro-hunting, anti-abortion, pregnant-teenage-daughter-spawning Republican vice-Presidential candidate” – nothing more than mean spirited rhetoric.”

      I think this is all accurate. She is a proponent of creationism, famously has hunted moose, and she a staunch supporter of abortion even in cases of rape – and her teenage daughter, who was brought up with “abstinence only” education has wound up pregnant.

      Perhaps you’re right though – implying that she’s capable of being vice-President is mean spirited rhetoric.

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  • All of your typical left wing criticism of Palin has been debunked (if ‘debunk’ is even the proper word when the issue was a fabricated lie in the first place) by at least a week. Get up to speed, buddy.

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