EA to ease Spore's DRM restrictions


Thumbnail image for spore-header.jpgEA says they will be launching a patch for Spore in response to fans’ anger over the game’s DRM restrictions that will enable users to install the downloaded version of the game more than three times.

It will work my dissociating each version of the game as it is removed from a computer, effectively meaning that you can have a maximum number of three active versions of the game at any one time.

However, this will by no means remove the restrictions which have caused fans to slate the game by giving it a one star review on Amazon in protest as well as creating creatures that clearly display feelings on the matter too with such virtuo-organic slogans as “EA Sux” written on their flanks.

It’s hard to tell if this’ll be enough to appease the masses because, at the end of the day, people want to be able to install the game they’ve spent good money on as many times as they damn well please and, what with illegal copies of the game widely available, it’s perceived more as a direct attack on the pre-owned market than anything else.

(via Eurogamer)

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Daniel Sung
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One thought on “EA to ease Spore's DRM restrictions

  • Not good enough for me. I’m not buying anything from any company that uses this offensive DRM. Sony lost out on $2500 that went to an offbrand company on a recent LCD television purchase I made, simply because of this DRM that they’ve developed. I’m not just boycotting games, I’m boycotting all of it.

    Also, am I understanding this as the only users that can apply the new patch are the users that downloaded directly from EA? What about the people that bought the DVD?

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