HTC S740 has full QWERTY keyboard… the fat-fingered need not apply

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HTC has today revealed a pretty new addition to its line-up in the form of the S740 – it’s a slider… but not as we know it.

What makes the phone slightly novel is the full QWERTY keyboard hidden underneath, and as you might expect, the phone supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange e-mail as well as “instant messaging” (not sure what guise this takes) to make use of this.

The rest of the spec is pretty standard for a fairly high-end phone: 802.11b and g wifi, bluetooth 2.0, GPS and AGPS (useful for the built in Google Maps, no doubt), 3.2 megapixel camera, an FM radio, and it is expandable using MicroSD cards.

What is more notable though is that it runs Windows Mobile, like many other HTC phones. To be honest the last time I used Windows Mobile was on a (now ancient) Acer PDA… Hopefully 6.1 has fixed up the bugs I encountered: “being a bit rubbish” and “breaking when sat on”. The latter bug was especially frustrating.

Apparently the S740 will be available in Europe from September. No word on pricing yet, though I’d wager you’re going to need a fairly hefty contract or you’ll have to shell out a fair bit of cash.

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