Wingless electromagnetic air vehicle (UFO! UFO! UFO!) set to take off this year

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wingless-electromagnetic-air-vehicle.jpgTechnically, that flying saucer to the left there is known as a wingless electromagnetic air vehicle, or WEAV for short. We’ll just scream “UFO!” and run from it in terror, though, if that’s OK.

It runs on “magnetohydrodynamics” – a way of propelling vehicles by ionising air with an electrical current then shooting it out at great speed. The thing also spins, to help keep it stable. It is, basically, your archetypal flying saucer.

The dream-machine of University of Florida scientist Subrata Roy, WEAV will be undergoing test flights possibly as early as this autumn. “If this works and we are able to fly it, this will be a quantum shift in how we see flying objects,” said Roy, no doubt with half a mind on making several billion pounds by selling the idea to the military.

The test flights will hopefully be taking place over small farms in isolated parts of America, with a man playing a theremin hiding nearby to provide the soundtrack.

(Via Discovery)

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  • Great idea, although, WEAF it cannot work in the physics you are applying, totally un-controlable, its basically a jet propulsion you are proposing. Forget what we have achieved and apply the AI rule a bit farther, you will not need air generation/amplification and there will be no, as for example exhaust sound or gases.
    I am in concept of a design for many years, and with technology now the time to open it up is getting close.
    I will follow the comments and reply in time.

  • How does it fly in space with no air to ironise? but who cares it will do me to get around in on planet Earth, i want 1 now!!! give me, give me 1 now!!!

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