Toilet clogs, tooth pain, athlete's foot and lung cancer – Google Knol launches today

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google-knol-launches-sea-boredom.jpgGood lord, Google has finally done something massively, terribly, horribly and publicly WRONG and BAD – thrust Google Knol upon an uncaring world.

The worthy and serious supposed competitor to Wikipedia, which features by-lined articles so you can apparently “trust” the writer more, has now gone public. And it’s great news – if you really need a guide to unblocking toilets in a hurry.

Or if you fancy reading about Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery for Gynecologic Malignancies. There’s no end to Knol’s terribly niche content.

Google, we don’t think this one’s really going to work out for you. Just stump up the cash and buy Wikipedia, like you did when Google Video flopped in the face of YouTube. We know Wikipedia keeps saying it isn’t for sale, but trust us. That’s what everyone says until you casually hand over a notepad with $29,000,000,000 written on it at a meeting.

(Via Google)

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