The future is a home hydrogen fuel station, not garlic bread


itm_hydrogen_car_diagram.jpgIn the future, when we’ve completely run out of easy-access crude oil, hydrogen is going to be one of the only ways to fuel our cars, yet at present it’s very expensive to produce.

However, ITM Power has been working on a system that could put a hydrogen fuel station in the home, powering not only the car but also a range of other devices, and at about a tenth of the current cost of production.

It has taken scientists in Sheffield eight years to create this low-cost method of producing hydrogen. Additionally, a Ford Focus has been converted to run on either hydrogen or regular petrol.

In time, ITM reckons a litre of hydrogen will cost half that of a litre of unleaded petrol. One downside of the prototype is that it can only run for about 25 miles on one charge, but production models would run for 100 miles or more.

Not perfect yet, but a definite step in the right direction.

ITM Power) (Via Daily Mail)

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