SelfSat Flat Antenna – free-to-air HD without the big dish

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selfsat.jpgThere’s one big problem with freesat – the big dish is still required. Which is where the SelfSat Flat Antenna comes in.

It’s a HD-compatible flat antenna, which will receive all satellite free-to-view channels (and encrypted channels with an appropriate set-top box) without the need for a bin lid on the side of the house. Instead, you get a subtle/slim antenna, which you can also customise to your home, should you see fit – including flowers or the design of your local football team apparently.

Available now, it’s priced at £149.

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  • Hi ,
    I have read enough about this Flat Antenna,
    I am interested in purchasing this package including various other LNB’s including the Motor accessories.
    Where may I purchase this product in Ontario, Canada.
    Or perhaps where may I order it from?
    Please advise.


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