Sanyo announces Xacti DMX-HD800 high definition camcorder



Sanyo seems to be on a roll with its Xacti range of high definition camcorders at present, today announcing the imminent launch of the DMX-HD800 model, capable of shooting 720p HD and taking eight megapixel photos at the same time.

Using SD/SDHC memory cards with up to 32GB capacity, the camcorder takes 1,280 x 720 resolution video at 30fps, and records using the AVCHD format. Photos can be taken even while filming, without having to pause or change modes.

Sanyo’s 3D Noise Reduction (3DDNR), originally found on the full HD DMX-HD1010, ensures random video noise is kept to a minimum, and there’s all sorts of updated video cleverness going on, too, including a new CMOS sensor for faster processing, improved image compression algorithms, and optimised signal processing functions for improved resolution, colouration, and low-light recording down to 3 lux.

Other niceties include a “Face Chaser” function which can detect up to 12 faces in videos and stills. The face recognition database has been increased five times, which means it should be more accurate than on previous models.

There’s also a digital image stabilisation, continuous photo shot function, simple and manual shooting modes, 90 minutes of filming or 250 stills on a single battery charge, and basic in-camera video editing.

Available from 22nd August, in Japan at least, with pricing and international availability to be confirmed.

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