Sanwa CD-RE1AT Blu-ray cleaner


DVD-cleaner.jpgOn the surface, the Sanwa CD-RE1AT Blu-ray, DVD and CD cleaner may not seem like the world’s most exciting product but look a little closer and I’m willing to bet you’ll want one by the end of this post.

So, it’s a cleaner. It cleans discs, but how bloody annoying does it get when your favourite game refuses to load up beyond world three or your bloody expensive Blu-ray gets scratched up just as badly as a 99p CD? Very is the answer to that. So, the CD-RE1AT promises to clean dust, fingerprints, grease, solve skipping but, best of all, it adds a protective layer once it’s done so that it never happens again.


It’s available through an incomprehensible Japanese site or more easily for around £40 when it’s released in Europe.

Sanwa (via akihabara news)

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