NZXT Sentry LX fan controller: monitor and control your gaming PC's temperature

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nxt_fan_controller.jpgLacklustre, namby-pamby, average Joe PC users needn’t bother reading any further, for the NZXT Sentry LX fan controller is designed purely for the hardcore gamer who is just a little concerned about melting down his entire system due to gaming exertion.

The unit takes up two 5.25-inch drive bays (you do have that many, right?) and comes with five temperature probes and five fan controllers. It can be set to adjust fan speeds automatically based on temperature, or let you do it manually, as well as alerting you if the PC’s temperature rises too high.

It doesn’t look bad, either, and costs just $60 (around £30). Available, Stateside at least, later this month.

(Via Like Cool)

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