Mr Asahi beer robot – best robot ever!


Yes, yes and thrice yes. Surely the Mr Asahi robot barman is exactly what every busy city bar has been waiting for, or at least the frustrated customers anyway? No more would we have to wait for the barman to finish six different 10-minute cocktails before we can get poured our two-second pint.

No, with Mr Asahi on the case it’ll be just like the toilets – a long queue for the ladies on one side and speedy service for the gents on the other. At a quarter of a tonne, I would argue about the change or ask for a top-up but then I doubt he’s going to hand you back the change on an expectant platter either.

Chances are that Mr Asahi is only a marketing tool but all he’d need is a money slot and a little mass production and the world would be a better place. Automated beer, mmmmmmm.

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Daniel Sung
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  • Indeed, and she’s gone so soon 🙁
    Apparently this isn’t the final beer robot. It’s just a rough draught.

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