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Ok, who’s bad ass out there? Come on, show of hands, who’s bad ass? No, you’re all wrong. Put your hands down. None of you are bad ass unless you happen to own a pair of Beats by Dr Dre Monster headphones.

Yes, the original music producer with attitude has gone fully corporate with a line of audio apparel destined to rake in buckets of cash at $349.95 a pop from the minute they’re released on Friday. So, the question is, are you getting anything for your money other than an old rapper’s name on the side of your head?

Well yes, you do actually. You get stacks and stacks of bass – assuming you can stack bass that is. Perhaps bins and bins is more like it?

According to Dre and his chronic cronies, there’s bass in the studio that us folk just don’t get to hear – nay feel – as we bounce our way up the streets in our hydraulic low-riders. So, the Beats by Dr Dre are designed to deliver a real depth of hit but whether or not they actually get released this time around or another time altogether is one thing we cannot answer.

We’re getting a little sick of this one, Monster. Just release these things and then get working on an Easy-E RIP set. Ta.

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