LG launching M94D series of digital TV monitors


lg_m94d_widescreen_tv_monitor.jpgThere are an increasing number of hybrid displays appearing on the market, offering both computer monitor and TV functionality in one, and LG’s M94D series is just one ultra sleek example of that.

While a computer monitor is not going to cut it as a display for a videophiles’ home cinema setup, LG is still targeting film fanatics, as well as gamers, with these new monitors.

LG lists a few specifications, such as 16:10 ratio (standard for many widescreen computer monitors, and meaning you’ll get black bars top and bottom of any 16:9 widescreen movie you watch), 20,000:1 Digital Fine Contrast ratio, 5ms response time, 300 nits brightness, in-built TV tuner, and HDMI port for connecting up other equipment such as a Blu-ray player or PS3.

Bizarrely, there’s no mention of what screen sizes the series will appear in, though I’m guessing there’ll be a 19-inch model, and possibly a 22 and 24 inch version too. Prices and availability information hasn’t been released yet, either, with no mention on LG’s web site.


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Andy Merrett
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