LG intros KS360 touchscreen slider phone with QWERTY keyboard

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LG has introduced its KS360 slider phone, featuring a full 2.4-inch colour touchscreen and a sliding panel that reveals the full QWERTY keyboard.

It’s aimed at those wanting to send texts, emails, and instant messages, with the keyboard allowing for easier character entry, while the touchscreen still allows for dialling phone numbers.

The phone isn’t 3G, but for messaging applications that really isn’t a problem. It features a two megapixel camera, up to 4GB of MicroSD storage, Bluetooth, USB, polyphonic ringtones, MPEG4 video and MP3/AAC audio, and a WAP 2.0 browser.

Available in a range of colours — titanium and bright blue, white and soft pink, black and red, and black and silver — it will be available from August, initially on O2 and Orange, with pricing and deals to be confirmed.

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Andy Merrett
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  • I’m getting on of these mobiles for my birthday from Caroline warehouse does any one no
    If there unlocked?and how long does it last for???

  • this is the worst phone ever. (in the world) ive had ten of them and they have all broken… trust me dont get it.

  • this is the worst phone ever. (in the world) ive had ten of them and they have all broken… trust me dont get it.

  • hi i was thinking that i mite ge this phone on saturday but i still dont know how much is it ? can somebody please tell me the cheapest price for it



  • I Have had this phone over a year and it constantly shuts itself off if i close the screen to ‘hard’ which is not hard at all. And does anyone know where to find the emiticon screen on it? can’t find that
    I wouldn’t get this phone again, based on its flaws, sent it away twice now and still same issues. love the keyboard part though.

  • i LOVE THIS phon apart from my m8 always coppies me an its really
    annjoing arrrrrh she gets evry think I WANT :@:@:@:@ ;( ;(:( πŸ™

  • this is da best fone evz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im saven up 4 1,
    but me retarded dad said that i ont need a fone till yr9 or ova!
    and im there shitten meself!
    but mum said i might get 1 next yr and im lik oh yer but shes lik MAYBE!
    and im lik watevz!

  • dat sucks.. i really wanted a touch and a keyboard phone cheap… anyone wants this phone can get it cheap off of ebay. im thinking of getting myself one cuz i think i like it. Can someone tell me if i should get this phone or the palm centro??

  • it is a touch screen…but only for the dialin of the #…it is not touch screen for any of the apps…thats all it is

  • I think you lot r gettin mixed up wiv the LG Veiwty bcuz i have the lg ks360 and it isnt touchscreen

    • I think that YOU are the one getting mixed up. You can only use the touchscreen for dialling numbers. Not for anything else.

  • Hey homies how is it hangin. How much Does the (LG intros
    KS360) cost$$$$………?

  • I’m 10 years old turning 11 like in 1 week and mum said i was allowed to get a webslider. at first i was wondering what it was but then i looked it up on the internet and i thought that it was like the BEST PHONE EVER!!

  • I think the web sllider is a really cool phone the only bad side is that the touch is only on when you type numbers. But that dosent worry me. But i am considering buying this because i like the look.

    If people wont to complain, dont buy it okay.

    I hope i get this phone.

  • Hillary,
    I live in Victoria and yesterday i bought the pink one from KMart.
    i agree, it does look purply in the pictures but it isnt as purply in real life.
    the onyl bad thing with this colour is that in some lights the black around the screen is purple.
    Hope it Helps

    hello! πŸ™‚ i really want to get a blue or pink one but they only have red and black in Australia at the moment! πŸ™
    however, 2 days ago i went to an optus shop (brisbane, garden city) and they had a blue one there for display! the lady told me that the blue one will be available within this week!!! :D:D:D
    so that answers the question of when the blue will be out in oz. i aksed if she knows about the pink one and she said she doesnt know when that will be out.

    i hope that was helpfull πŸ™‚
    also, does anyone know about the colour of the pink one? i mean, in all the pictures on the internet, the pink looks like a musty kind of purple… πŸ™

    so i dont know if i should wait until the pink comes out and see what the clours like(if it ever does) or get the blue one in a couple of days. because if i buy the blue one and the pink one comes out and its a really nice pink, i think i’d die seeing it around everywhere! lol

    ok well i answered something for all the others in Oz that should be wuite helpfull, so could annyone tell me if the pink one’s coming out.

    And for those who’se country already has pink, what does it one look like? is it a nice really pink colour like the ds or is it purpley?

    please reply! xo.

    Also, what is this talk about the “O2” and “orange” versions? what’s the difference?

    thank you! and sorry for the length!

  • I suggest that if you would like to purchase the phone in a colour thats not available in Australia; Try buying it online.

  • oh and also im gettin this phone but i dont know what colour looks best either blue, pink or silver
    and also u can put more memory on it up to 2 gig i think. so i neeed help which colour?

  • hey i know on ebay you can get it in blak and silver for
    $220 australian dollars
    in pink and white- $312
    red and black- $199
    blue and black- im not sure but around 150-300

  • i really want a web slider golden lol but they dnt have them then pink or blue where can i get them theres none on e-bay

  • Help >:( Got the phone for mcrimboo πŸ™‚ its immense, lloks cool and everything but only takes two songss..

  • hey, mum baught me this phone for christmas, and i was just wondering if you can get msn on this phone. And if you can, how much does it cost? iv been trying to find out everywhere!
    It says you can get IM, isnt that the same as msn ? but when tryed getting it from the computer it says my phone dosnt support it 😐 i went into optus and asked them if you could, and they said i should be able to but yeaaah.
    please get back to me if you can, thanks!

  • pretty sure
    no where in australia sells blue or pink
    it suckks
    does anyone know of anywhere that sells it
    in another colour there then red?

  • I’m getting the silver and black LG KS360 tomorrow but I’d really like it in the light pink almost like purple. Anyway I won’t complain ’cause I’m getting it atleast!

  • does the qwerty keypad light up and can u use the numbers on the keypad instead of using the touch screen thanxz

  • is the lg web slider (ks360) available in pink in australia, and if so, through who? thanks.

  • hey,
    I am buying a LG KS360 Silver QWERTY on eBay
    and i was just wondering, it says its not 3g
    but is unlocked, does that mean i can not yous
    a three sim card? or is 3g data?


    kind regards

    • No, it doesnt have the hardware to run on a different kind of network. You can run it on any 2g provider though

  • eyY PpLs

    I am gettin this fone 4 chrissi and i want it in blue … is there anyway i can get in blue in australia????

  • heyy
    im getting this mobile and no it only comes in red and black in australia i know it sucks coz i want the blue 1 πŸ™ but o well its better than nothing

  • wher can i get a LG KS360 Web Slider in pink or blue in adelaide i so want one but not in black and red if you know post a comment thax xoxo

  • ummm what colours do they come in? and where can i get them from? in browns plains
    Thank you..

  • Oh well, each to their own!
    Personally i love this fone 2 bits – its a proper celeb stle fone….
    If you dont like it the solution is symple –
    DONT BUY IT!!!
    Just quit moaning and change the moany record dudes!
    Luv ya all out there……..

  • heeey !
    guess what im thinking about getting this phone but first i have a question.
    – in australia does it only come red cos my brother has got red and i wont this phone but if i get red to that would be so gay so like CAN YOU GET THE BLACK AND SILVER ONE IN AUSTRALIA? please answer.

    • no u cant get a black or silver one in australia. the only colours u can get the webslider in is red, pink or blue.

  • yea would love this phone on 02!!! you should seriously consider it! i know friends who arent buying this phone purely because its not on 02!!!

  • Garry – firstly, morons like you tick me off. It’s a QWERTY keyboard because of the Q-W-E-R-T-Y layout at the top. The positioning of the keys is irrelevant. I’m going to assume your objection is because you can’t type on it.. the only way that would matter is if you touch type, and as it’s pretty hard to touch type with just your thumbs (lets be correct and point out its not touch typing using your thumbs so I’m wrong THERE too) you obviously are just a person that can’t adapt to change. So… you know the answer? Don’t get the phone, and don’t make stupid comments about it not being QWERTY if it’s not laid out your way.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Is it available on 02 yet? because i dont really want it on orange! can you unlock the phone so it can be on any network?

  • i want this fone and im gettin it today but not if its really bad then im taking it bake
    piece man

    ma mate trikia says hiya all with bananas on top ha ha ha ha ha ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    • Hey Sharon,

      You know, it’s comments like this that makes writing for Tech Digest so fulfilling πŸ™‚

      Have a great day, and enjoy those bananas.

  • does tha keyboard have to be open to use the camera? i’m considering buying it but i just thought it would be annoying if it had to be open to take a picture

  • Oh hello every body. I’m french. And i buy this phone. He is veryyy good for the keyboard. In france the keyboard is AZERTY. But for you this is a qwerty keyboard ! This phone is very good but i don’t like this blue. Byebye

  • this phone looks sweet cool design why realy care about the button layout hey atleast its got touch screen ,bit strange how it only works for phone calls???

  • Fussy people. At least it has all of the keys of a keyboard in the right order, on the right line! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  • Er… no, that is NOT a qwerty keyboard! Ona qwerty keyboard Z goes to the right of A and B goes to the left of H. Why do they insist on providing smart phones with these hideous mutant keyboards. I miss my Psion 5 πŸ™

    • Yes, I take your point Garry. At least it’s not a keyboard with the letters laid out from A-Z top to bottom. Probably won’t get up much speed on this anyway.

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