Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine: Extract water from the stinky air around you

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climatic_air_water_purifier.jpgThe concept is good, but I’ve gone and spoilt it by talking about stinky air. The Klimatic Base 1 AirWater Machine is a water cooler with a difference – instead of having to plumb it in or lug water bottles around, it can generate up to 20 litres of water every day straight out of the air.

It’s fairly obvious that air contains water, and this machine takes advantage of that. Really, it’s a glorified dehumidifier, but as it’s for human consumption, it goes through several filtering processes, including an active carbon filter and a UV light chamber, to get rid of solids, oxygenates, odour, and bacteria.

Then it’s yours for the drinking. Whoopee!

You may need to lie to anyone with a squeamish disposition about how machine stays topped up with water, as thinking about it too much might put you off. Then again, you know how many other people the water in your tap has been through, right?

No details on how to get hold of one or how much it costs, unfortunately.

(Via Red Ferret Journal)

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