Farewell to Dave & Al!

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goodbye.jpgIt is with great sadness that I announce that we have not one but two writers leaving the TD fold today. Dave Walker and Al Warmington are moving to pastures anew, their stomachs full of the sweet, green Shiny grass, our hearts sorrowful and empty.

Dave has been writing on these very pages since 2005. His sharp, witty copy through our morning bleary eyes has been the only start to the day more important than a bowl of corn flakes and good cup of tea. Dave’s knowledge of gadgets is second to none and his tireless technique of finding new blogs none of us have ever heard make him a seriously tough act to follow.

Al’s been on board since Manchester United first went broadband offering a whole megabyte of access for £28.99 per month. That was back in March of 2005 and it’s taken him this long to admit that he doesn’t like football. Al is the master of the literary post and he’s taken us directly to the heart of each and every story via the most wonderful scenic routes through Gigglesville, Opinionton and the hamlet of Whatthehellhasthisgottodowithitanyway. Al, will still be spinning his golden words on PSPSPS but we’ll be sadly short of his marvellous musings over here.

Us at TD and Shiny will miss them both and I have no doubt that the news will ensure there is not dry seat in every house where it is read. Good luck Dave and Al and pop in and see us some time. You’ve both been ace.

Daniel Sung
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