"HAVIN GUD TIME. HAS PHOTOCPIER GT TONER?" – 65% of people contact office while on holiday

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laptop-email-text-phone-on-holiday.jpgWe are a nation of WORKAHOLICS that are heading for an EARLY GRAVE thanks to technology. Those are the findings of a report by data protection agency Credant Technologies. It didn’t mention early graves, but I can assure you it would’ve if it could’ve.

The shock statistic is that the days of relaxing holidays are long gone, with 65% of us checking in with the office via email, phone or text message while we’re on our hols – no doubt panicking that we’ll be replaced should word get out about how little we actually contribute when in the office.

A quarter of holidayers will at least check their email while away, with a third lugging their laptops through the EasyJet luggage system to stay in touch. Job security paranoia or unstoppable internet addiction?

(Via Reuters)

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Gary Cutlack
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