Glow away in blue with this USB LED light tube speaker

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brando_usb_led_light_tube_speaker.jpgThere’s no shortage of things you can plug in to a spare USB port these days, but this looks a little more classy than a humping dog, and it plays your tunes, too.

Brando’s USB LED Light Tube Speaker offers stereo sound, a built-in blue LED tube (funny that), and is powered from the USB port, so no need for mains power. Use the audio lead to plug in to PC, laptop, or MP3 player, and you’re away.

The wattage is conspicuously missing from the specs page, and combined with a $22 (£10ish) price tag, don’t expect it to sound amazing. Still, it’s a little novelty in case glowing lights are more important than banging bass.

You can have it imported for just three dollars, if you really want it that badly.

Product page (via Coolest Gadgets)

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