GEAR4 vibrating your tunes with the BlackBox Micro speaker

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gear4_blackbox_micro.jpgGEAR4 has announced the next in its line of BlackBox speaker systems: the BlackBox Micro.

The smallest speaker in the range (Micro is smaller than Mini, apparently) uses an SFX-enabled gel base which enhances bass reproduction and overall volume when placed on a flat, solid surface. An additional standard driver delivers crisp treble.

The unit features a 3.5mm audio jack and cable for connecting up audio devices, and is USB powered so can draw power from a computer, or an AC-to-USB converter such as the GEAR4 WorldTour charger.

Available for £19.99 from August.


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One thought on “GEAR4 vibrating your tunes with the BlackBox Micro speaker

  • I have just bought one of these BB micro units and the sound is really great, much better than I expected from such a small unit. It connects to my laptop via a usb cable (included)and I can either play music from the laptop or connect another audio source (Ipod / Mp3 player or mobile phone etc.)using the 3.5 mm jack cable. The best feature is the Bass, its almost like having a mini sub-woofer. I’m a fan.

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