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b-tube-linx.jpgWell, it’s been one of the highlights of my day to read your tales of shaking dancefloors and shivers down your spines but alas the eJay and Linx Tube competition has closed and I’m here to announce who’s done all the winning. Step this way…

…but before I announce the prize winners, here a a few that gave me a very tough decision. What was the finest live DJ set you ever witnessed and why?

The best set I ever saw was about 13yrs ago at Atomics Dance Club in Maidstone. Jeremy Healy was playing the crowd was going crazy.. everyone was sweating their tits off.. the atmosphere was amazing.. even total strangers were getting on…obviously the love drug!… the place was packed out.. we had all been looking forward to that night for Ages.. where we could dance are worries away… we were having such a buzz that, after, we all decided to drive to Wandsworth to Club UK to meet our old Buddy DJ Biko.. (oh the old days)!!!!

Emma Reid

Finest live DJ set I ever witnessed was back in the day when we went to a “gig” (and I use that term loosly) and the DJ was throwing out to the crowd white record labels, you had no idea what was on them till you got home! (couldn’t do that these days, the kids would sue!!)


I have to say, the best DJ set I’ve ever seen is quite a simple one! Fatboyslim (Aka Norman Cook) at Glastobury 2005. My first year there, and it was absolutely sensational, from the confusion with the 3d glasses being handed about that turned all light sources into smiley faces, the ace atmosphere in the crowd, the guy himself doing his thing with an impressive little stage setup which comprised of a small DJ booth in the centre of a giant TV screen, and the awesome tunes that were played, even classics like The Prodigy’s “Out of Space” in addition to his own fantastic tunes.

I’ve seen other, and indeed more ‘serious’ DJ’s, but I’ve never had more fun than that!

Kieran Browner

The finest DJ set I ever witnessed was Adam Freeland playing at Home, in Sydney, 2003. We’d been out on a boat party all day round the harbour so the mood was already, shall we say, bouyant, and then Freeland came on about 1am. Having been a house-head for a long time, I’d never really got in breaks, but it was without doubt the finest show I’ve seen. He played vinyl and CDs and was hammering both. His mixing skills were immense, cutting in huge bass lines to guitar fuelled madness – Queen’s of the Stone Age was the one that stuck. Think he played for about 3 hours and the place was on the floor by the end.

Just an awesome set. I’ve been to Ibiza twice, seen hundreds of DJs all over the place and worked in clubs before and it has yet to be topped.

Matt Cross

The finest DJ set was courtesy of Clint Boon and the reason being it made me spontaneously propose to my girlfriend because I was really feeling the set that night! (She said yes!)

Matt Dunger

Andy Weatherall at The Complex, Islington – some time back in the early/mid 90’s
I’ve never heard anyone plays such tricks with the music – perfect spin-backs, amazing builds,
landslide drops! Blew me away.

Nick Frewin

The finest live dj set i ever witnessed was last August, Mark Ronson live at the Stiff Kitten in Belfast. It was the best as it was nearly the last gig i ever saw. We were involved in a serious car accident on the way home form this gig but luckily came out unscathed. A few days later I found out i was pregnant. I now have a beautiful baby girl who is 8 weeks old and i like to think the gig was my luck charm that night!

Roxanne Coffey

The best DJ I ever head was Sacha who played in Sheffield when I was 40 (more than 10 years ago). I thought my life was over as my husband had died and I had 3 children. I had never really heard dance music much before but here I came alive again. I felt 20 and totally free. I went to lots more clubs in the years after that but never quite relived that feeling of rebirth and liberating joy again.

Ruth Tesdale

When Germany’s Loco Dice were playing in Ibiza, because I was proposed to by my childhood sweetheart, heart racing, blood pumping, body moving in tune with the beats. I replied “Oh Yes”!

Miss Sarah Whittington – Runner-up

Watching Fatboy Slim on the beach at Brighton as the sun goes down. Pure bliss.

Pete Williams – Runner-up

The finest live DJ set i ever witnessed was at Liquid nightclub in Norwich in June 2000.


We were celebrating graduating from university and having a pretty good night out, when a power-cut stopped the lights and music. When it was clear that the power wasn’t coming back on, amid some screams and laughs, the DJ – cool as you like – rolled up a magazine and used it as a makeshift megaphone to perform the most incredible 10 minute improvised human-beatbox session for the crowd, who danced around like loons, lit only by the glow of their mobile phone screens.

When the power finally came back on, the DJ stopped and went back to finishing his set. Needless to say he was a God, and I shall never forget that night.

Julia Scott-Russell – Winner

So congrats to Julia, Pete and Sarah. You’ll be receiving your goodies through the post shortly. Oh, and for the record, the finest live DJ set I ever witnessed…

…was probably the Chemical Brothers at Glastonbury in 2004, I think it was.

It was my first time down there and they were headlining. The music was incredible, as was the light show, and somehow they managed to project a giant head out above the crowd that said “I’m going to eat your soul” to everyone gathered below, now lit by the glow for all to see.

The crowd stopped. The music froze and then came crashing back in at double the volume. The 100,000-strong sea of arms in the air and voices whooping out into the clear summer night is something I’ll never forget. “Welcome to Glastonbury,” I thought.

Daniel Sung

Linx B-Tube

Daniel Sung
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